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Support Services

Spanning individual technologies to unified, multi-vendor virtual data center solutions, Dolphin Support services maximize uptime and minimize disruptions throughout your data center.

Support Services Overview

Dedicated to serving you quickly and proficiently, Dolphin Support Services help you minimize downtime and achieve your service-level agreements (SLAs). In fact, we respond to most support calls within 60 seconds, providing a single point of contact for support questions and issues spanning multiple vendors, product lines, and solutions.

Consolidating your support services with Dolphin frees up your team and maximizes uptime.

  • Real-time support : With an industry-leading service level, we respond to the majority of initial problem reports within 60 seconds or less. Each problem is handled directly by a support engineer, ensuring you get access to the person with the right skill set right away.
  • Single point of contact for solution-level support: As the single point of contact, Dolphin offers support services for solutions comprised of products from multiple vendors, including Symantec Corporation, NetApp, Oracle, EMC Corporation, Brocade Communications, Inc., and a host of others.
  • Expertise and proficiency: Support engineers participate in rigorous Dolphin and manufacturer-led training programs and have achieved advanced-level certifications. In addition to storage networking technology proficiency, expertise spans UNIX, Linux, and Windows® environments, as well as database applications such as Oracle, IBM DB2®, Microsoft® SQL®, Microsoft® Exchange, and Sybase.
  • Team breadth and depth: Beyond the core support team, you also have access to the skill sets of advanced and field-based support engineers. Advanced support teams specialize in defined technology suites and provide level three and level four support services. In addition, field-based services teams are available for emergency onsite support as needed.

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