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Recruitment Services

Application Staffing Services

The competition for experienced IT workers in today's market is relentless. Businesses must capture emerging opportunities by rapidly developing and deploying new, complex technologies. To ensure success they need to attract and retain the talented resource pools required to build, manage and optimize applications. Annually, we deploy many applications professionals to support all stages of the applications lifecycle including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. Our Staffing Process ensures you receive the best match of talent for your applications staffing needs.

IT Direct Placement

In today's competitive IT job market, companies face many challenges when searching for top IT talent. To get the right people quickly, IT leaders must partner with providers who take the time to really understand their business, technical environment and culture. We help you identify talented, highly experienced IT professionals who are an ideal match with your organization's culture. Though we often focus on contract positions, which give you the opportunity to gauge the IT professional on a temporary basis with no commitment from you, when you need to fill a direct hire position, we streamline the entire process for you.

IT Support Staffing

To capture the largest return on new technologies, systems and operations, leaders must utilize proven and repeated processes for managing IT asset inventories, technology deployments and end-user support functions. They also must ensure they have the most qualified and reliable professionals in place. We deploy IT support professionals to support help desk operations; desktop support; technology deployments; IT asset inventories and installations; moves, adds and changes. Our Staffing Process ensures you receive the best match of talent for your IT support needs.

Assessment Services

The purpose of Dolphin Assesment Services is to provide testing and assessment expertise for IT Industries, and use that information to select and promote the most qualified job applicants using legally defensible, reliable, valid, objective, fair and expedient measures in the most cost-effective manner.

Dolphin Assessment Services uses its combined expertise in Human Resources, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and psychometric theory to select and construct tests (e.g., Knowledge Tests, Performance Tests, Video Simulations, Structured Interviews) that validly measure job knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our Assessment Services provided:

  • Job Analysis
  • Competency Modeling
  • Interviewer training
  • Knowledge and Performance Testing
  • Test Batteries
  • Assessment Centers
  • Employee Developmental Feedback
  • Assessment Consulting

Dolphin Assessment Services also:

  • Assists with the development of testing policies
  • Develops all assessment procedures
  • Provides surveys and data analyses
  • Facilitates the development and refinement of job descriptions
  • Advises managers and supervisors conducting assessment-related activities
  • Provides COL hiring authorities with developmental feedback for their internal employees
  • Initiates assessment-related research

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