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Data Storage & Protection

As your capacity continues its rapid and demanding growth, your information availability challenges mount. Dolphin's data storage and protection solutions provide a vendor-neutral approach to solving your business needs, ensuring you meet both compliance requirements and financial objectives.


Through our proven heritage in successful storage implementations, our data storage, protection, and archiving solutions offer holistic platforms for addressing every challenge facing IT staffs – from capacity management and continuity planning to archiving and eDiscovery. Our expert engineering and consulting groups start by gaining an understanding of the complete environment, such as application, compliance, and capacity requirements. Then we design and implement innovative, high-value data storage and protection solutions and provide ongoing management and support for the lifecycle of your solution.

Dolphin uses a consultative approach based on best practices in data center and storage virtualization and consolidation, data storage and protection, advanced network infrastructures, and business continuity and disaster recovery to deliver measurable gains in performance and value across the infrastructure. Experienced IT professionals provide a continuity of services including consulting, analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing support.


Our data storage and protection solutions cover disk- and tape-based technologies from multiple innovators, which we integrate into your data center to effectively achieve your greater business goals. We will help you sort through architecture and product options and recommend those that align best with your needs. Our solutions include:

  • Remote site replication
  • Data de-duplication
  • Disk-based backup and recovery
  • Tape-based backup and recovery
  • Data protection software
  • Primary storage
  • Secondary storage
  • Scale-out storage
  • Scale-up storage
  • Archiving and eDiscovery

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