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Businesss Process Outsourcing Services

Today's C-level leaders are pressured to cut costs, tighten controls and improve performance, without disrupting internal operations or customer relationships. Fortunately, BPO has evolved. It's now about partnering with trusted experts to transform key business processes — and reach the next level of business advantage.


Dolphin BPO leverages global delivery centers to deliver predictable and flexible business process management services. A key aspect of our service delivery is the successful migration or transition of business processes from the client's locations to our delivery center(s).

We have a comprehensive and mature transition methodology that has been refined and documented. Compliance is monitored through check points at different stages.

We believe that a well managed transition provides a robust foundation for a stable operation across the outsourcing cycle.

Transition Methodology

Our transition methodology ensures process enhancement across five phases:

  • Project Preparation.
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Parallel run
  • Steady state

At the end of each phase, our quality team confirms meeting pre-defined success criteria that are mutually agreed by the client and our transition team. Our quality team works independently of the transition team.

We also encourage clients to participate in reviews and audits. Our transition methodology addresses knowledge management, technology management, operations management, contract management and program management. A high level of accountability is ensured through individual owners for each track.

  • Instructor Led Training including simulations and role plays
  • Experiential Learning through business simulations and experiences based reflective learning
  • Multimedia based learning

Project Preparation

Project preparation begins with the handover of the solution design to the transition team. It involves defining the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition. A dedicated transition team consisting of a transition manager, operation and documentation specialists, and trainers, is deployed.

The team has access to a shared resource pool from technology, legal, finance, human resources and quality during transition. It involves Knowledge Transfer (KT), team identification and preparing the team for onsite assignment.


After a detailed planning workshop with the client, this phase involves finalization of the integrated project plan. It includes plans for operations, delivery, technology, recruitment, quality, and risk to cater to project requirements. In addition, the integrated project plan mobilizes resources and arranges logistics.

The objectives of planning include:

  • Creation of a detailed execution plan for all work streams.
  • Validation of FTE ramp-up, technology requirements and establishment of a governance structure.
  • Identification of deliverables across different functionalities
  • Pre-empting and monitoring implementation of the plan across all phases – a continuous and consistent exercise
  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • Workflow tool/ point application requirement collection and analysis


Execution involves the implementation of the transition solution. We deploy domain, process and technology teams to address transition

  • Knowledge transfer: Includes the construction of operating procedures, preparation of training documents, and training executives to execute the process offshore.
  • Technology transfer: Identifies the optimal network architecture, procurement of bandwidth and systems, and installation, testing, and deployment of technical infrastructure.
  • Operating preparedness: Includes recruitment, induction and site preparation.

Parallel Run

In this phase, offshore operations are initiated with active client support. Gradually, the responsibility is transferred to the offshore operations team while ensuring that inter-dependent processes are not affected. It involves several stages:

  • Preparation of the ramp-up schedule.
  • Managing logistics.
  • Execution of offshore ramp-up and onsite ramp-down while maintaining continuity of operations..
  • Establishing service levels.

Parallel run helps achieve robust operations with all the resources and infrastructure to execute steady state operations.

Steady state

'Steady state operations' is the ongoing delivery of services. The key objective is "business as usual," where the outsourced processes are executed in accordance with the norms in the Service Level Agreement. Steady state involves:

  • Security and business continuity.
  • SLA metrics tracking and reporting to monitor continuous performance.
  • Human Resource Management.

Industries We Report

  • Banking & Financial Services:
    Our expertise helps you manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features and manage business transformation challenges all while reducing costs.
  • Communications & Technology:
    With IT-enabled BPO solutions designed for your needs, you can manage orders, revenue, customer support and service operations more effectively and efficiently.
  • Energy & Utilities:
    With our global delivery network and deep expertise in energy and utilities, you'll see major operational improvements across your entire value chain.
  • Healthcare:
    Seven of the health plans partner with us because of our industry experience, coupled with our BPO and IT expertise.
  • Information, Media & Entertainment:
    Our "inside the industry" expertise, combined with IT and process knowledge, enables us to guide you effectively and smoothly as you reengineer processes to lower costs, speed time to market, and position for competitive advantage.
  • Insurance:
    Our offerings cover a spectrum of processes across the Life, Property and Casualty, Retirement Services and Annuities value chain.
  • Life Sciences:
    We support for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies for competitive intelligence reporting, clinical trial design, and sales and brand analytics.
  • Manufacturing, Logistics & Consumer Goods:
    Make your business more resilient with our industry-specific BPO solutions for product development, supply chain management and sales and marketing.
  • Retail, Travel & Hospitality:
    A wide range of solutions, delivered by industry experts, and customized to your specific business needs.

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