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Business Continuity

Protecting your business from disruption requires an enterprise-wide approach, focusing on much more than hardware, software, and power. Our comprehensive business continuity planning and disaster recovery processes will help you create a framework for operational excellence that includes people, processes, and technology, so you can ensure business resilience and continuity regardless of the challenge or problem your business may face.


By integrating our best-practice methods and business continuity expertise into an individualized process, we turn business continuity and disaster recovery into an overall change process. This proven, collaborative strategy helps organizations view their investments in enterprise technology not as individual servers or applications, but as a cohesive pool of computing resources able to rapidly adjust to new demands and reduce the risk of disruption. Our methods include:

  • Identifying and validating mission-critical business functions aligned with IT support capabilities
  • Improving security and compliance
  • Optimizing capital investments
  • Reducing the risk of disruption to operations or loss of information
  • Establishing understood responsibilities for mission-critical business functions
  • Defining and testing disaster recovery plans

Dolphin uses a consultative approach based on best practices in virtualization and consolidation, data storage and protection, advanced network infrastructures, and business continuity and disaster recovery to deliver measurable gains in performance and value across the infrastructure. Experienced IT professionals provide a continuity of services including consulting, analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing support.

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